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~4th~ [ Video/Action ]

[ When the feed turns on, Terra is sitting on her bed, her hands in her lap in her hotel room at Radiant Garden, fidgeting. ]

How ... how do you make something that isn't there, go away?

[ Because things keep moving her stuff around, pulling her hair, hiding her belongings ... and she can
sense them. She knows they're there. But they won't go away. ]

I ... don't want to be a bother but -- [ She trails off, something catching her attention. She stops talking, her gaze abruptly fixed off camera, the color leaving her face. The calm bleeds into growing terror, and she gets to her feet, the communicator falling to the ground for an upside down image of her feet as she backs away. But her voice is still audible. ]

No... it can't be! Stay away ... please I don't...

Stay away from me! Stay away!

[ She abruptly lets out a shrill shriek, followed by the sound of crackling, and then glass shattering. So much for Leon's security deposit. Sorry! D: ]

[ ooc: Because I am a horrible person, Terra is just got haunted by a ghost pretending to be someone from her past. Clearly, she freaked out. Anyone in Radiant Garden, feel free to check out what that was all about. Videe responses will be greatly delayed. ]


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You don't. There's no making it go away.

[He changes his voice, a sad imitation of kindness.]

Are you all right?


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Be careful. He might come back to finish the job.

[Video - Private]

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Terra?! Are you alright?

[Answer her or she's using Pluto's key to be there in a flash.]


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[Uranus does not have patience.

One use of the key Pluto gave her and she's at the room. One well placed kick (sorry Leon; she'll leave Terra munny) and the door is no problem.]


[Uranus doesn't care about the mess, although she notices it. She's looking for the woman.]


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[Gau's just going to take off at a four-legged sprint with the communicator held in his mouth, heading for her hotel. uh... let's just assume he's gotten settled in and has been sleeping outside, idk *shrug

Re: [ Action ]

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[...And Gau bursts in through the door after a few minutes of hunting! His hair is actually bristling, he's obviously ready to go into one of his Rage attacks on a moment's notice, and is just looking for an enemy to fight. He spits out the communicator and drops into a battle-ready crouch in the doorway.]

Terra! Where is?!


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[Have Sailor Mercury, ready to come in a second.]

Terra! Are you alright?! Where are you?


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I'll be right there immediately! Just hold on until I get there, please!

[She has the key Pluto gave her. She reaches for it, kept under her uniform. Should she use it now?]


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O-okay, maybe I should come and help figure this out. After all I can't help, but want to help a girl whose scared after all~


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[Video] gnaws typo...

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[The unfortunate thing about not being any where near Radiant Garden is that Chloe is reduced to watching the device and helplessly calling out to the person he is too far away from to actually help. ]

Ms. Terra? What is it?!


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[The more important question then. ]

Are you alright? What ever it was didn’t hurt you did it?


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A-are you all right?!