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Name:Star Kingdom
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Things come together and fall apart: such is the way time flows. It, however, was never meant to happen all at once. Time and space are closing in on themselves, frayed and eaten away by Darkness and forced to compress to one single point. It closes in, closes in, closes in, hungry for hearts and destruction, bound not to be satisfied until every last inch of the cosmos is consumed and in a blissful non-existence.

You look to the sky and see it's literally falling, suddenly. Try as you might to run, you're compelled to watch everything you know twist and contort into Darkness. Any warmth left in the world is being devoured, and soon you feel the cold tendrils of shadow creeping up your legs. What hope do you have left to escape to a safe haven now? They wrap around your chest, then your arms, and your neck... You try to make a sound, but nothing comes out. Strangled silence.

And then nothing.

Is this what death feels like?, you might muse. It's cold and empty and there are no limits to how far it reaches out. Infinite Darkness.

Then, just as suddenly as you were taken in by the Darkness, you're spat back out. Your back hits something hard - cobblestone - with a thud! When you open your eyes, there's a starlit sky above you, surrounded in antique-looking buildings. "Kupo!" you hear, and turn to your side to see a strange creature with a big red ball protruding from the top of its head standing over you. It's holding something.

"Here, kupo!" it insists, pushing the electronic device at you. "Welcome to Traverse Town, kupo!"

You stare at it, dazed, unsure what that even means, but you take the device and agree to a small tour. This is definitely not your home anymore.


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