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[ It's obvious that Joruk was crying recently. He can no longer deny that Agni returned to the darkness. Learning that the same happened to Sae was an even greater blow to him.]

I guess Agni's back with his prince. Sae's probably with her school friends. Seems like a few of us disappeared at the same time.

[ His eyes start to well up, again.]

I have vodka.

[ He moves the camera to show bottles of various types of alcoholic drinks, some homemade.This is how he plans on dealing with the grief from losing close friends.]

There's araka and other stuff too. Does anyone want to share it with me?
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[Winry sat in what was once Edward's and her house, but that longer seemed the case as it felt kind of lonely in there. She was sitting quietly in a darkened room , her legs curled up against her chest as she just sat there quietly. Her knees were wet from crying as she just continued to sit there.]

I haven't seen Ed in a while... Does that mean that he's gone? [She tightened her grip on her legs. She honestly didn't want to think about it like that, she didn't want to believe that he had gone back to the darkness. Though at the same time she would understand full the reason. But still, watching her friends do what they did had always been somewhat painful for her.]

I guess... if he is... he's dealing with the problem from there. But I hope he's back with his brother at least. [She paused for a moment, she had said she would cry, not unless they were tears of happiness, but she guessed she got that wrong herself.] I guess I will just try my best and help others as I was going to. [Placing her head where her legs her the last bit was muffled but still could be somewhat heard.]

You idiot.
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[It had been a short while since Allen had been knocked out cold. Tim and Link Jr had been by his side ever since. But today was the day he would finally wake up. Eyes fluttering they started to slowly open apart, his hand reaching over to the device as he picked it up yawning. Choosing that time to switch it on you will see a young man with rather messy bed head and a confused look on his face. He had no idea of what was going on.]

How long have I been out for?

[Putting his free cursed arm on his head he slowly sat up, looking around as the pokemon and Tim pounced him, glad to know he was okay.] Ah, it's nice to see you both as well. [A gentle smile passed by his lips as he wrapped his arm around the creature. It decided during that moment to sweep him, making the white haired boy laugh for a moment.]

Okay. I must have been out for a bit to make you want to clean me. [Letting go, he stood up and made his way over toward the window. Looking out he spotted the towns people and they did not look happy. In fact they look terrified. This caused Allen to once more look at the device.] Will someone tell me what has happened and why the people look scared? Did something happen? Did... [He looked down. he thought everything would be okay, but what if something had gone wrong while he was out of it. But for now he just need answers.] Did something terrible happen? And if it did, what can I do to help?
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[When the communicator turns on, it shows Ven - and he doesn't look too good, to put it fairly mildly. There are faint circles under his eyes like he hasn't slept well since the attack on the castle in Never Was, and he's a bit paler than usual. But there's a spark in his eyes that's nothing but awake and focused - he's got a goal, and he won't be turned away from it.]

I'm going back. To the castle. I can't... I won't just leave her there, like that. S... Sailor Moon did everything she could to stop Maleficent, and I won't just give up on her no matter what any evil fairy says.

[He's taken this a little more personally than probably is expected, but he has his reasons.]

I'm looking for anyone willing to come with me. I don't know if it's going to be easy - I'm hoping we can just sneak in and out, but there's no guarantee about that, especially with the crystal she has now. But we all owe her the attempt. She'd do the same for us - and more.

[And he turns off the video function before he can dig himself in any deeper and give away his specific reasons for wanting to do this.]
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[Well, Tidus has looked more cheerful (haven't they all?). He doesn't even bother to try and appear otherwise. If he did, it would just come off as incredibly bitter and fake. He looks at the camera--glares--and speaks.]

It's just funny. Most of you were against the Darkness before. You acted like it was something evil, and you sure seemed pretty adamant about it. But now that someone's gone and made things a little bad and she's told you to give up, people are ready to listen to her! No one's any good possessed--that's just giving up. Sometimes I just want to...! [He puts his hands on his face, pacing around before he lets out one scream.]

How many? I'd like to know so that I know who I can count on and who's probably going to be fighting us before this whole thing is over. Because we need to come up with another plan, something that can take her down and get back the people she has.

We should do something instead of letting everything we've done so far mean nothing!
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[When the feed flips on, viewers will notice the addition of a theme song, a higher quality image, and an entirely new set. Oh yes~ Ms. Block had found a sponsor or two to invest in her show. She was waiting just off stage for her cue and silently asking herself how Merri-Lee Marvil did this on a regular basis. Her whole body felt stiff and immovable. She applied a fresh layer of gloss.

Time to be fabulous in.




Massie looked ah-mazing as she strode out on stage. It was the first time she’d been able to purchase an entirely new wardrobe, and been able to have her hair done. It hadn’t been easy keeping these clothes as a secret but she new it would look better to unveil them on the show. She smiled and waved to her ah-doring fans (the audience) before moving over to her desk, leaning on it and crossing her legs in a flattering way. Any traces of nervousness had melted away the second she‘d hit that stage.
]Rumor Has It Broadcast~  )
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[Elizabeth was just staring at her device for a few minutes, her eyes showing the focus that was going on in her mind. From the things that have happened and what was going to happen she was worried. She was worried for those she loved and those she cared about and more so about what could happen next. This made her think of what options she had. The first being to protect those she loved. So twirling the device in her hand, showing a rather worried Vulpix for a split second before she gave for once a false smile.]

Good afternoon. I hope everyone is as okay as we can be. [She glances down for a moment.] I know it's been tough right now and I know a lot of us might be worrying about what might happen next. But please don't worry, okay? [She gives a small smile as she stands up, slowly going to pick up her rapiers. The device sitting on the bed with the Vulpix. Once she had done adjusting them she turned around with a smile, this one slightly less false than the first.] Good luck on doing your best. [She reaches over and switches the feed off from the public.]

[Private to Maleficent.]

If I offer to willingly come over, will you spare someone for me? [She looks down, her heart hopeful of the outcome, even if she wasn't sure it would be a truthful answer.] Please?
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[Since the invasion of Maleficent's castle and the events that followed, Saleh has been deep in thought. They were in for dark times once again, but they would pull through, just as they had before. The question was what to do from here.]

I've...a question, especially for those with knowledge of this darkness. This is actually something I have been pondering for some time, but with recent events, I find it appropriate to look deeper into it. Is it truly possible to control the darkness without losing yourself?

[Because the idea of losing himself scares him more than anything.]
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[It was no secret that Icy held no great love for Maleficent, but even that didn't stop her from finding the wicked humor in all this.]

Some leaders. [She scoffed, in reference to Mickey and Leon.] Was anyone actually following them anyway? [It's not like she had ever bothered with those two]

Well I guess there were a few.... [Her lips curled at the edges] .. and just see where that got you.

This is a fine mess you've all gotten yourselves into. Now- just how do you plan on getting out of it, hmm? [A peel of laughter punctuated her sentence. It was obvious that she wasn't worried. Maleficent could talk a good game but that's all it was. Besides, hadn't Icy offered the people of Disney Castle the same option? For all the good it had done.]
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[Tohru appears to be sitting on a wall as she is pointing the device at a bunch of moogles who are freaking out and running around like a headless chicken. Tohru on the other hand is just plain confused.]

I noticed that something happened last night, but I don't understand what exactly it was, or even why the moogles are freaking out like this. [She pauses for a moment, her mind trying to make sense of everything.]  Does anyone think they can explain it to me because I'm worried about the guys. They might really hurt themselves over freaking out so much. [Just as she says that a little moogle falls over, causing Tohru to jump up and nearly freak out herself and causing the device to switch off.]
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... [ another soft groan passes her lips as she tosses and turns in bed some more. it's about a half past ten and masane finds that she's still unable to fall asleep. it's been like this for nights, and it's beginning to wear her thin. ]

...stupid Halloween Town. [ it certainly left its impression... a shame it hadn't been the one she'd hoped for. ugh! seriously. that's the first and last time she's ever setting foot there again! but there's more to it than that. a lot more. ]

[ pawing for her communicator she sits up and turns the feed on. ]
H- Hey. ...guys... [ and she looks aside a moment. ] I know it's late, but, uh, ...I was thinking... maybe we could, y'know, ...hang out. [ read; i'm scared and i don't want to be alone anymore. this house makes strange noises at night! ] I just... I could really use some company.
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Backdated to November 5th

[ The video is showing the harbor of Port Royal. Billy focuses the camera on the scenery. It doesn't show that he's wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.He rigged a stand to keep it steady. He can't hold the communicator while setting off the fireworks.]

I can't be the only one who celebrates Guy Fawkes Night, so I figured it's time for fireworks. It's more fun than bonfires.

[ The fireworks start. Their colors are reflected in the water. It's quite a spectacle. There are occasional geometric patterns formed. A great deal of thought was put into this display.]
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[Whether your communicator is in use or not, the screen blanks out with white noise and a strange sound that resembles a straining machine. When the white noise fades, Maleficent appears on the feed within her throne room, chin tilted up in pride and condescending. There is an unmistakable smirk twisting one corner of her red lips up.]

It's to be commended-- I hardly expected you to make it past my demon. But it was all for naught. You see... One among you had impressive power that surpassed even the strongest mage. [She pauses, pivoting and stepping back. Among the shadow, one can see the silhouette of a buntailed girl, lifeless on the ground. Details are obscured, but the outline is all anyone who knows her needs to recognize her.] And now Sailor Moon's power belongs to me.

[As Maleficent turns back around to face the network, she lifts her free hand, palm upward, and the Silver Crystal materializes in her hand. Her smile becomes even more twisted.]

Ah, but there is more. Perhaps I will let my new commander tell you the rest. Come.

[Besides her, Leon steps up, eyes gleaming with an unnatural yellow.]
Mistress. [He bows to her, then also faces the network.] Mickey has been detained. He'll no longer be in our way.

And now, with that girl's unparalleled powers and both of your leaders in my control, Star Kingdom is in the palm of my hand. Surrender to me and you may be allowed to revel in the coming darkness.
All others will be destroyed.

[The feed winks out instantly.]

[[mod note: You may or may not get responses in this post, but feel free to try >:) ]]
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[Backdated to November 1st]

[Last night had been such an eventful one that Mokuba hadn’t had the chance to look through all the goodies he’d managed to collect. If Masane hadn’t invited him he never would have gone trick-or-treating on his own. It had just seemed too childish despite how much he’d ended up enjoying himself. Mokuba flipped on the video feed, and was sitting down on the floor in what looked like a living room with a bag of candy in front of him.]

Hey Seto!

[He decided to use the communicator like an intercom, since it was easier than going to look for his brother]

I know you didn’t get to go with us… but let’s still divvy up the treats!

[The prospect excited the kid, as he set to work pulling the various delicately-wrapped candies out of the bag. He started making two piles, one for him and one for his brother. Realizing that he hadn’t made the feed private, Mokuba decided to add something further]

Thanks for coming everyone that did. You all made it a fun trip, let‘s do it again sometime.

[It was directed more toward Eagle and Masane since he’d spent the most time with them, but still there was something to be said for doing something in a group like that. There had been a few intense moments on Halloween, and it was still questionable whether they had meant to be taken seriously or not. Mokuba just kind of assumed that all the weird things that happened were planned out for the holiday no matter the truth behind them.]
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[Naoto sat there, her mind focused on whatever was sitting in front of her. her pen tapping lightly against the desk. The various pieces of paper scattered around the place as a moogle was busy cleaning up and making sure everything was in order. After a while Naoto finally looks up and over, a small smile placed upon her feathers, hiding a slight concern she might have about the current situation.]

Ah, thank you Watson. You may continue filing all the paper work the Chief signed a few days ago. [Placing her pen down she stretched slightly, choosing this moment to take a break from the concentration or simply too much thought. The moogle Watson on the other hand choose to take the papers on over to the tiny moogles desk as it started to file, making sure it goes in the right place.]

It has come to my attention that a set number of people have gone missing. [She puts a hand to her hat, adjusting it slightly on her head.] Since it's been over twenty four hours it classify's them as missing. [She stood up, in her head she still didn't understand what exactly was going on, but investigating that place again was the best bet.] So I propose that I will go to the last place they were and throw a formal investigation myself. [She looks at the communicator, when it comes to the police, she is very serious business and is crazy enough to do this.] I don't expect anyone to come, but if you are willing enough and not afraid of what could be around, then it will be of help. Hopefully that way it would make the investigation easier. [Tilting her hat down she looks over to the moogle.] Watson, prepare a Gummi Ship. I plan on hopefully going within the next hour or so. I just need to do a few other things first.

[With that she reaches over to pick up her communicator as it switches off.]
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[ oh. this wasn't good. this wasn't good at all. ]

[ suiseiseki slowly pushed up on the top of the box so that she could peer out into this new and strange world. how had this happened? she had made the journey to jun's room several times in the past and never before had something like this occurred! interrupted as someone or something strode by the seemingly abandoned box suiseiseki let out an undignified yelp as she let the top fall shut. having withdrawn into her box she covered her head with her hands and cowered. oh no! it's those damn humans! this place, it too was infested with those stupid creatures. ]

[ a moment later her box began to shake and she grabbed hold to the sides for all the good it would do her. as it settled down she sprang out in a fit of aggravation. ] Hey! [ a thud resounded throughout the area as she hit whoever or whatever had disturbed her. ] ...what's the big idea you filthy bastard? Hands off. [ standing up in the box she scowled. her hands moved to her hips as she glared daggers at the perpetrator; a moogle. ] Ew. It's even worse than one of those humans! It looks like some sort of a deformed rat. [ it's but a murmur as she cautiously steps out to investigate ( after, of course, ensuring that the coast was clear of any humans ). ]

Hey. Get up! [ she demanded though it did nothing. ] Hey! I said get up! [ as she delivered a swift kick to its side it let out a painful shriek. hnph! stupid thing! as it curled into itself she stepped over and swiped the communicator that lay on the ground beside it. ] Is this a toy, ... [ and with little to no time to wonder the moogle sprang to life to answer. ]

It's your communicator, Kupo!

[ as it chimed in with a response she almost jumped out of her skin. frightened, suiseiseki hurled the communicator at the poor moogle's head only to, then, retreat into her box. the feed cuts on impact. ]
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[When the feed clicks on, initially it's only a shot of Lenalee's rather curious looking Teddiursa, but from off screen Lenalee's voice can be heard.]

That's it, now hand it to me.

[The surroundings in the feed change as the teddiursa toddles over to Lenalee and hands her the communicator. Lenalee herself, looks a bit worn and mostly tired. But uninjured. However, there is a crease in her eyebrows that belies her worry.]

Perhaps it's a little early to tell... But has anyone heard from anyone who went to face Maleficent? I... haven't seen Kanda since before they went in and I'm worried.

Kanda, if you're out there, you better check in!
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[Caldina was seated in front of the camera, with her legs crossed but her focus was not on the device. She was looking right PAST the device, staring quite intently at something. Without flinching, or saying a word, she sat there for moments on end… before she finally broke her silence]


[Getting to her feet, she dramatically pointed forward, her cape flared out behind her.]

It’s been ages and that star hasn’t so much as moved one solid inch!

[Twilight Town was very peculiar to Miss Caldina. How could a world be locked into an eternal sunset!? With a sigh, she lowered her arm and tilted her head. She‘d started her tour of the worlds, and this one is the first world she‘d come to after leaving Traverse Town]

I can’t say much for this place. This sleepy little town just isn’t exciting enough for lil’ ol’ me. Ah- but I bet I could liven it up a bit.

[She laughed and gave the viewers a signature pose]

Is that train, and this sea salt ice cream stuff, really the only thing going here?
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[Makoto had been thinking about leaving Agrabah for a while now, and now that she was commuting to work on a regular basis, it seemed like the time. Though it was never going to be easy to share her decision with her friends. The world that seemed ideal was Radiant Garden, it was situated between the two worlds she had been traveling to the most. Holding the communicator in her hand, she took a deep breath before flipping it on and she hoped her friends would understand.

Makoto was standing in front of a quaint looking building that housed the apartment she was planning on renting.

Usagi, Rei, Ami, Hotaru, Minako? I need to tell you something that’s kinda important.

Since we’ve been brought here and we’re not sure how long it’s going to take before we can restore our worlds, I’ve decided to continue my studies toward becoming a great chef. In order to do that, I plan on learning from the best culinary artists these worlds have to offer.

That doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing I’ll be doing while I’m here, but in order to pursue that dream.. I.. [Here it comes] I’ve decided to move to a world that’s closer to where I’m currently working. [She’d leave out the part where it was also closer to where her boyfriend lives too…cough conveniently enough]

Of course, you’re all welcome to visit! .. If you’d like. And I’ll visit you as often as I can too! I know… this is probably coming as a shock but.. With how easy it is to travel between worlds, it’ll be like I never moved at all. You’ll see! I hope you can all understand my decision.

Oh! And I still plan on trying out my new recipes on you! [She winked]


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